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About "MyDISCspace"

On the creation of a MyDISCspace account, you will receive en email containing your password. Your login ID will be your email address. You may change your password later.
Your MyDISCspace account allows you to benefit from numerous advantages. After logging in, you will have access to a minimum of fifteen photographs of each property, the complete description of each element of the property, and technical information about the buildings.
Your account will automatically keep a record of the latest properties you have displayed on the site, and you can also communicate directly with the staff of Agence DISC.
To create your account, you only need to provide some basic information, and accept the conditions of use of MyDIScspace.

Why MyDISCspace

What possibilities does MyDISCspace offer?

When you have a MyDISCspace account, this allows you to:
- See many photos of a property
- View the complete description
- Save your latest searches
- Find the exact location of a property on Google Maps (if we have an exclusive sale mandate)
- Read the expertisereports for a property, and above all:
- Communicate directlywith us through the site